17 Mar 2018

Pro cycling's latest doping scandal

From This Way Up, 12:30 pm on 17 March 2018
Brazil cycle race (Photo by Maico Amorim on Unsplash)

Brazil cycle race (Photo by Maico Amorim on Unsplash) Photo: (Photo by Maico Amorim on Unsplash)

As we head into the European professional cycling season, pro cycling is still dominated by rumours of drug taking and cheating thanks to a select committee report in the UK that's just been published.

The report concluded Sir Bradley Wiggins had taken performance enhancing drugs to win the 2012 Tour de France under the guise of treating asthma. The report also questions how Team Sky became so dominant in pro cycling, and claims the team has abused the anti-doping system and allowed riders to take drugs.

Cycling journalist and host of the Cycling Podcast Richard Moore has been following the Team Sky controversy and talks about the implications of the report and how ongoing doping investigations could affect upcoming races.