Spices: Ginger and Galangal

Alison Sandle on two fragrant rhizomes rooted in Asian cooking.

Silverbeet stalks and growing under glass

Professor Julian Heyes of Massey University answers more food-related questions. Including, will growing veg under plastic or glass effect their nutritional value?

Tech news: cyberbullying and Facebook

Bill Thompson on a new US plan to crack down on cyber-bullying and Facebook takes its location-based services to another level.

Ah-Choo!: the uncommon life of the common cold

Writer Jennifer Ackerman's been deliberately catching colds all in the name of research for her book. She looks at some of the weird and wonderful tests for how colds spread- including the one hour kissing test- and whether any of the remedies out there actually work.

Product design

Product designer Dick Powell has designed everything from the cordless kettle to a hydrogen-powered motorbike. The changing role of the product designer in a digital and more environmentally conscious age.