The kettle's black!

Does your stainless steel cordless kettle have a discoloured ring on the inside? We find out what it is with John Fairclough, Cliff Carr and Dr David Weatherburn.

Apps: personal productivity tools

Richard MacManus of looks at personal productivity apps; from online calendars to digital to-do lists.

Tide tables

Rob Bell of NIWA explains how he can make tide forecasts going into next century.

Pests: Bumblebees

Out and about with pest controller Paul Chapman from Pestproof, and this week a call-out to a house with a bumble bee nest that's bugging the neighbours.

Honeybee Democracy

Thomas Seeley's book 'Honeybee Democracy' looks at why bees swarm in the spring and the decision-making processes that go on when thousands of bees and a queen decide to leave their hive and find a new home.

Translating the web

The search is on to automatically translate the world wide web into your mother tongue. Plus how cell phones are being used to predict flu outbreaks. Jim Giles of the New Scientist reports.