Black Ops and gamification

The launch of the computer game 'Tour Of Duty: Black Ops' has been huge. Plus how life's turning into one big game; it's called gamification. Keith Stuart of the Guardian reports.

Gail Steketee

Gail Steketee's been studying compulsive hoarding for years. She's just written 'Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding And The Meaning Of Things'.

Professional organiser

Galit Maxwell de-clutters people's homes for a living.

Kettle test results

The lab test results are back. Plus a more detailed explanation of how kettle discolouration happens with Chris Nokes of ESR.

London calling

We head to the UK to chat to expat journo Chris Parkin. Cycle to work schemes, reindeer meat, and free cheese for the Irish.

Fish oil capsules

We're looking at fish oil capsules with Associate Professor Marie Wong of Massey University. So are they all the same, how do you make them, and what does 'molecularly distilled' mean?

Mix and Mash

Remixing New Zealand culture with Courtney Johnston, one of the organisers of the Mix and Mash competition.