Weather derivatives

Predicting the weather can make you cash, lots of cash! Bill Windle is president of the Weather Risk Management Association.

Kaimoana: Groper - Hapuka

Groper's a flaky fish that's also known as hapuka, and is similar to sea bass. With Rachel Taulelei of Yellow Brick Road.

Collaborative consumption

Rachel Botsman's coined the term 'collaborative consumption' to describe the emerging economy based on sharing, borrowing and swapping goods and services, from power tools to accomodation.

Wine additives

What's sulphur doing in our wine? Kirsten Creasy's a senior tutor of Oenology at Lincoln University.

The fall of French cuisine?

French cuisine has slid down the global league of gastronomic excellence according to author Mike Steinberger.

Learning through gaming

The school in New York that's designed its curriculum around computer gaming principles. Katie Salen is behind the programme.