The humble coupon has evolved into consumer bargain hunting websites. Matt Schwartz of Wired magazine on retail hacking.

Tech news

Bill Thompson on an EU investigation into Google plus Rupert Murdoch plans to launch a daily newspaper for the iPad.

Nice lice

The evolution of lice with David Reed of the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Sweet cat food

Vet Nick Cave of Massey University responds to a listener enquiry about levels of sugar in cat food.

Digital distractions

Matt Richtel of the New York Times on how technology can challenge our ability to focus and learn, especially in regards to young people.

India: Bollywood Italian job and wedding detectives

Bollywood are remaking classic 60s film 'The Italian Job'. Plus parents are hiring detectives ahead of family marriages. Jason Burke reports.

Ghost nets

Discarded fishing nets that remain fishing in the Pacific ocean and killing wildlife. Kris McElwee is the Pacific Islands Marine Debris Coordinator.