Foraging: elderflower

We're foraging for free food with Johanna Knox. This week, we get cordial on the hunt for elderflower.


Hunger and snacking explained by Professor Roger Lentle of Massey University.

Oldest Book

Frances Wood of the British Library on the restoration of the Diamond Sutra, a book printed in 868 AD.

Smart Phones

New Scientist writer Jim Giles on data problems when using smart phones in urban areas.

London calling

We head to the UK to chat to expat journo Chris Parkin. The world's hottest chilli, cloned meat and dirty magazines.

Worcestershire sauce

Our resident sauce queen Maggie Forrest on the origins and ingredients of worcestershire sauce.

Cyberwars and ultrafast NZ broadband

Ben Gracewood with the latest on the cyberwar surrounding Wikileaks. Plus the plans for ultrafast broadband roll out in New Zealand.

Indian micro-saving

Meena Kadri in Mumbai on a savings scheme for the poorest people in Dharavi slum.