Driverless cars

With big players like GM and Google getting serious about the driverless car, we ask Raja Sengupta how soon human drivers could be taking a back seat.

Buyer's guide to cricket bats

The cricket season's upon us- ah, the sound of leather on willow! But do you go English or Kashmir willow? Scott Lindsay of Kilbirnie Sports with our buyer's guide to cricket bats.

Golf by the numbers

Every golf shot on the PGA Tour is getting recorded using lasers and logged on Shotlink's giant database; it has over 7 million golf shots stored away. Michael Agger's been to see the Shotlink system in action.

NZ pies in the USA

Alka Patel's an expat New Zealander who's trying to wean Americans off apple pies and convince them that savoury pies really are a good idea!

History of artificial light

Jane Brox has looked at our relationship with artificial light and how it's shaping our lives in her new book,"Brilliant".

Foraging: jasmine

We're foraging for jasmine with Johanna Knox.

Food questions: dark chutney

Louise's chutney's looking a bit off colour. Sam Heenan of Otago University reckons he knows what's going on.

Time to shop?

Professor Karen Pine is studying how women's spending habits are influenced by their menstrual cycles.