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10:10 Words of the Decade

Our word man, Mark Broatch author of In a Word will be in the studio to discuss how our language has evolved over the last 10 years.

10:20 Kiwis Who Should be Famous

We continue hearing about New Zealanders who are doing amazing things here and overseas who deserve a bit more recognition. Today, Labour MP Phil Twyford nominates peace activist Alyn Ware.

10:30 Simon Pound's media world

Media reporter Simon Pound joins Noelle to talk through the highs and lows of the media over the past year.

10:50 Kiwi Summer Overseas

New Zealand's finest stationed in Lebanon tell us how they've been celebrating the festive season.

11:10 Daily Serial - Kenny Everett's Captain Kremman

Captain Kremmen is science fiction radio serial written and performed by the eccentric British Radio host Kenny Everett. It follows the exploits of the eponymous vain and dim-witted spaceship captain around the galaxy.

11:10 The Way We Wore

Wallace Chapman cast his eye over what kiwis have been wearing over the last 10 years and how our fashion sense has changed.

11:30 1001 Best Things to do and see in New Zealand

Peter Janssen, the author of 1001 Best Things to Do and See in New Zealand, continues his guide around New Zealand - today he'll be telling us where to take the kids over the next few weeks.

1145: Album of the Decade

More nominations for the album that will sum up the Noughties?