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Summer Noelle

An easy blend of interviews, stories and music from around the country and across the world. We’re your perfect holiday companion, whether you’re simply relaxing at home or gearing up for 2016.

Friday 15 January 2016

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09:07 - Michelle Dickinson and Ian Taylor Panel discussing reasons to be cheerful. Being cheerful can be a tall order - often it feels like there's a lot of bad news. We angst over housing issues, especially in Auckland, and the cost of living is expensive - relative to incomes, not only in Auckland but for the country at large. We're concerned about poverty and how to help children break that cycle - we've already talked this week about gaps in education and how income affects outcomes for students. These are big challenges for a country. But our panelists today also see a lot of reasons to be optimistic, especially about young people in New Zealand, their abilities, their potential, and what they have to offer for the country, and the world. With us today to talk about the future, and reasons to be cheerful about it are: Michelle Dickinson, AKA NANOGIRL, a science educator and nanotechnologist and Ian Taylor, the Founder of Taylormade media, and chief executive of Animation Research Limited, who turned data into visuals so successfully for the first time during the Americas Cup.

09:45 - Susan Baldacci US correspondent on the billion dollar lottery winners in the US and the losers in this year's Oscars nominations.

10:10 - Miriam Smith and Chris Pryor Discuss their work on the How We Did It series. Together Miriam and Chris made The Ground We Won - by living in a small community and following the lives of the local rugby team. They moved to Reporoa and lived with the subjects of their film for a year. They talk to Noelle about their acclaimed final product and how they did it.

10:25 - Emma Neale The poet reading a poem

10:45 - Mawera Karetai The chef talks food and shares a summer recipe for baked trout.

11:10 - AUT student Nathan Hill Presents his documentary on the journey our steaks take from the farm to the plate.

11:20 - Jeremy Elwood discussing his all-time favourite movie in the Classic Film Club.

11:30 - Chris Gallavin Shares his musical memories in Songs of a Life.


ARTIST: Dooley Wilson
TITLE: As Time Goes By
COMP: Wilson
ALBUM: Casablanca: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
LABEL: Rhino

ARTIST: The Front Lawn
TITLE: Claude Rains
COMP: Sinclair, McGlashan
ALBUM: Songs From The Front Lawn
LABEL: Frontlawn

ARTIST: Psychedelic Furs
TITLE: Heaven
COMP: Butler, Butler
ALBUM: The Psychedelic Furs: Greatest Hits (Compilation)
LABEL: Columbia

ARTIST: The Cure
TITLE: A Forest
COMP: Gallup, Hartley, Smith
ALBUM: The Cure: Standing On A Beach, The Singles (Compilation)
LABEL: Fiction

ARTIST: Delia Derbyshire
TITLE: Falling
COMP: n/a
ALBUM: The Dreams
LABEL: n/a

TITLE: Hallogallo
COMP: Dinger, Rother
LABEL: Gronland