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10:10 PR Disasters of 2009

PR expert, Janet Wilson joins Noelle in the studio to go through the public relation gaffs of the last year. It's likely Tiger Woods will be among those mentioned!

10:20 Kiwis who should be famous

Sharon Thorburn from Kotuku Choir is Tim Shadbolt's unsung hero. He tells us why he thinks she should be more famous.

10:40 "Palinzation" and women in politics

The Deputy Editor of Newsweek, Julia Baird, joins Noelle to discuss one the highest selling political memoirs of all time - Sarah Palin's Going Rogue.

11:06 Daily Serial - Captain Kremman

Kenny Everett's space adventure continues in episode 3.

11:10 Citizen Reporters

We'll hear from our people on the ground in Napier and Wanaka in the run up to New Year.

11:15 Feature interview with the one and only Tim Shadbolt

The Mayor of Invercargill talks sport, pigs, supercities and deputy Mayors in a candid round up of a year in Southland

11:30 Peter Janssen's tour of New Zealand

Today Peter casts his eye over the best collections to visit around the country.

11:40 Best of ... music in 2009

Troy Ferguson will be in the studio with the musical highlights of the past year.