Monday to Friday, 10am - Midday

10:10 David Slack: A year in Politics ...

Blogger and speech writer David Slack dissects the political year. Job summits, climate change summits, the cycle path, John Key and David Letterman, MPs expenses, the recession and much more ...

10:30 Kiwis who should be Famous

Associate Professor of Law at Otago University Andrew Geddis takes his turn to nominate a kiwi who should be famous. His pick is Peter Hogg (peter hogg -, originally from New Zealand but now the leading authority on constituational law in Canada.

10:40 Films of 2009 with Dominic Corry

Dominic will be discussing, among others, Avatar, District 9, (500) Days of Summer.

11:06 Daily Serial - Captain Kremman

Kenny Everett's space adventure continues in episode 4. Capatin Kremman and his trusty assistant Carla go for a space walk.

11:10 Citizen Reporters

We'll hear from our people on the ground in Napier and Gisbourne in the run up to New Year.

11:15 The events that made the Noughties

Tim Footman, author of Noughties: A Decade That Changed The World joins Noelle to discuss the legacy of the last 10 years.

11:30 Peter Janssen's tour of New Zealand

Today Peter gives us the lowdown on the best short walks around the country.

11:40 The Brunettes - live and unplugged ...

The Brunnettes join Noelle in the studio for a chat and some tunes to see for the last show of the year.