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10:10 Organic Gardening for the New Year

Gardening expert Robert Guyton joins Noelle from Riverton with some great tips and advice for getting things growing in the New Year.

10:30 Kiwis who should be famous

Susanna Andrew from the New Zealand Book Council nominates poet Geoff Cochrane (Geoff Cochrane - her Kiwi who we should all know more about.

10:40 Non Fiction books for the bach

Graham Beattie from Beatties book Blog ( gives us another selection of books to keep us occupied over summer

10:50 Kiwi Summer Overseas

New Zealand's finest stationed in Lebanon tell us how they've been celebrating the festive season.

11:06 Daily Serial - Captain Kremman

Captain Kremman and his assistant Carla reminisce about their near death experiences in space ...

11:10 Feature interview with John Barnett

New Zealand's best known TV producer, responsible for Whale Rider, Sione's Wedding and Go Girls to name a few joins Noelle in the studio to talk about what the magic ingredient is for a tv or film script.

11:30 Peter Janssen's tour of New Zealand

Today Peter casts his eye over the best collections to visit around the country.

10:40 Science Correspondent

Shaun Hendy ( talks about innovation and nanotechnology.