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10:10 Interior Design

Anna Cuthbert from Cuthbert Interiors joins us to talk about the new looks for your house in 2010.

10:30 Kiwis Who Should be Famous

We continue our series celebrating amazing kiwis who we should all know more about. Today Summer Noelle listener, Emma Kelly nominates Jonathan Denis.

10:40 Science Correspondent

Shaun Hendy talks about innovation and nanotechnology.

11:10 Daily Serial - Kenny Everett's Captain Kremman

Episode six of Captain Kremmen - Today he continues to go where no hand has set foot as he and Carla explore the bomb shaped "Blob in Space".

11:10 Sport - It's all in the Mind

As the ASB Classic week starts - we talk to a consultant in sports psychologyt, Vicki Aitken about how players mentally prepare.

11:30 Citizen Reporters

Today we hear from our man on the Kapati Coast

11:40 James Milne from Lawrence Arabia live in the studio