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8:08  Today in New Zealand History
Judge Joshua Williams 1913 appointed to Privy Council.

8:14  Music Track
Artist: The Duplicats
Song: Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
Composer: Willet/Slim
Album: A Night on the Town
Label: Zodiac 008                                                                                                    
Hit for Perry Como 1950

8:18 In Those Days
An episode from a 1982 series of four programmes looking at the music events of 1932 and the Depression from the viewpoint of musicians. Recollections of the Queen Street riot. Compiled and presented by Julia Millen. Includes the voices of Dora Drake, Eric Voyce, Owen Jensen, Haydn Murray, John Gordon, Alan Pow, Mary Pratt, Angus Corrie, Bertha Rawlinson, Maurice Leech.

8:39 Music Track
Artist: The Victor Silvester Orchestra
Song:  The Eton Boating Song (quick waltz)
Composer: Maurice
Album: Strict Tempo Dancing
Label: Castle                                                                                                             

8:42 Rugby legend Jonah Lomu
Jonah Lomu died at the age of 40 during the week. Here are commentary highlights from Graham Moody of Lomu’s four-try game against England during the 1995 Rugby World Cup and an interview recorded with Paul Holmes when the Lomu autobiography was launched in 2004.             

8:52 War Report 63
Memories of six months on Gallipoli with Joe Gasparich giving a vivid description of the carnage at The Daisy Patch.
Artist: John McCormack
Song: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309
Artist: Violet Lorraine and George Robey
Song: If You Were The Only Girl in the World
Composer; Ayer/Grey
Album: Songs of World War 1
Label; Goentertainment   557331                                                                        

9:04 The Great Gunpowder Plot
By the late Phyllis Raudon who was Phyllis Cato a young girl in Auckland after the First World War. Sent in by her daughter Heather Raudon and read by Tessa Sullivan.                                                                                          

9:10 Music track
Artist: Pioneer Pog ‘n’ Scroggin’ Bush Band
Song:  The Roslyn Mill
Composer: Si Khan
Album: Love of the Land
Label:  Radio New Zealand cassette

9:15 From a Pioneer’s Diary
Bill Beavis reads extract from the recollection of Watson Sheenan who pioneered merino farming in Central Otago in the 1850s. Part One.

9:25 Music track
Artist: Mike Harding
Song:  The Old Dunstan Track
Composer: McKee Wright/Dunstan Trio
Album: Past to the Present
Label: Radio New Zealand

9:28 Bob Cameron
Now-retired, technician Bob Cameron spent over 40 years in broadcasting, and he recalls the highlight of his career, the 1953-54 royal tour during which many technical innovations took place. The tour, he remembers in conversation with Robb Webb, had a huge budget. Some extracts from the tour broadcast from Trentham with Doreen Kelso and Barbara Basham. Doreen Kelso describes the Queen's dress and Barbara Basham interviews one of the kitchen supervisors and women having a picnic.              

9:46 Open Country from the 1960s
“Flotsam, Jetsam and Messages in Bottles” written and read by Mike Pallone; lighthouse keeper at Farewell Spit.