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8:08        Today in New Zealand History
Elizabeth Yates of Onehunga became first female mayor in the British Empire on 29 November 1893.

8:12        Music Track: The Rolling Stone
              Artist:   the Dunstan Trio
              Composer:   Hamilton Thompson – Otago poet of the 19th century a Dunedin accountant)
              Album: Dunstan Trio
              Label:    Broadway 1962

8:17        In Those Days – Part Two.
 An episode from a 1982 series of four programmes looking at the music events of 1932 and the Depression from the viewpoint of musicians. Compiled and presented by Julia Millen. Includes the voices of Dora Drake, Eric Voyce, Owen Jensen, Haydn Murray,John Gordon, Alan Pow, Mary Pratt, Angus Corrie, Bertha Rawlinson, Maurice Leech.     

8:43        Historic Speeches:
Governor General Lord Cobham’s New Year message 1958
and Governor General Keith Holyoake opens Parliament in 1979.

8:53        War Report 64
In November a gale smashed landing piers at Helles and Anzac and one officer noted: “All along the beach above the roar of the waves could be heard the crash of the great barges as the sea hurled them again and again against the shore. On 27 November severe rain and thunderstorms, which turned into blizzards, hit Gallipoli. More than 280 men died and there were 16,000 cases of frostbite and exposure.Not surprisingly, Kitchener confirmed that the evacuation would go ahead.   Four New Zealanders recall the extreme conditions.

               Music Track: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
               Artist: John McCormack
               Composer: King/Elliott
               Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
               Label: CD41 486309 

               Music Track: You can’t beat us
               Artist: Arthur Fields
               Album: Songs of World War 1
               Label: Geoentertainment 557331 1900s

9:05        As I Remember
The School Holidays by Rod Melville of Auckland .

The School Holidays by Rod Melville of Auckland .

9:10        Music Track: No Regrets
              Artist: Phil Garland
              Composer: Henry Scott/Garland (Henry Scott was an Otago gold miner who wrote the verses in 1873.)
              Album: How Are You, Mate
              Label: Kiwi SLC 212

9:14        Bookshelf: Murder on the Otago Goldfields The 1865 Stabbing of Richard Atkinson at Waipori.
Written by Ashley Blair, published by Pukerua Press  ISBN 978-0473330 0200

9:15        Memories of a Martinborough Paper Boy
Rob Webb reads the recollections of Frank Mills (born 1928). including his experiences in the 1942 Wairarapa Earthquake.

9:23        Music Track;  Beautiful Dreamer
              Artist: Malvina Major (soprano) Judith McDonald (piano) (1969)
              Composer: Foster/Romsey
              Album: Songs for All Seasons
              Label: Kiwi SLC 77

9:27        An Open Country Story from the 1960s,
Something Special' by George P. Davies, read by Peter Vere Jones.        

9:40        Music Track:  Ka Rawe Te Mahi and Rimurimu
              Artist: Rotorua Whaka Maori Concert Party (1960s)
              Album: Whaka Maori Concert Party
              Label: Zodiac ZLP 1022

9:44        From a Pioneer’s Diary
Bill Beavis reads extract from the recollections of Watson Sheenan who pioneered merino farming in Central Otago in the 1850s. Part Two    

9:54        The Kiwi Concert Party
A farewell to the musical director of the Kiwi Concert Party, Tom Burnnand at a concert in the Middle East in October 1941 during World War Two. Kirk-Burnnand was being invalided back to New Zealand with a severe eardrum injury. Terry Vaughan who took over as director makes short speech and Kirk Burnnand responds. The men sing “We are the Boys from Way Down Under” and “Now is the Hour”.