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8:08 Today in New Zealand History.
The death of William Swainson 6 December 1855.

8:12 Music Track: A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
                           Artist:  Vera Lynn (now 98)
                           Composer: Maschwitz/Sherwin
                           Album: The White Cliffs of Dover
                           Label: Eclipse 820 696

8:17 From the Back Country
Dyllis James recalls the exploits of Ermintrude the pig on her farm near Waikaka in the Wendon Valley in Southland.

8:29 Music Track: Don’t Worry Mate, She’ll Be Right
                            Artist: The Pioneer Pog ‘n’ Scroggin’ Bush Band Composer: Cape
                            Album: Love of the Land
                            Label Radio NZ 9401

8:32 Music Track: Dedicated to John Clark 1993.
                           Artist: The Pioneer Pog ‘n’ Scroggin’ Bush Band
                           Song: Beaut Little Fergie Tractor
                           Composer: Penman
                           Album: Love of the Land
                           Label Radio NZ 9401

8:38 Eliza Rigby’s memories of the 190th and early 20th centuries .
Eliza Rigby of Hamilton, recorded by the Mobile Unit  in the 1940s, recalls school teaching in the 1880s, including working and living conditions and wages, and some memories of a Māori raid and Pakeha fears. She is Eliza Ann Harper, born at Pirongia in 1866. In 1903 she married a widower Walter Rigby and they had two children but he left her in 1911. She got a divorce in 1917 and died in 1956.

8:49 Music Track: Cindy – a Square Dance for Strings (1952)
                            Artist: Alex Lindsay String Orchestra
                            Composer: Ashley Heenan
                            Album: Alex Lindsay String Orchestra
                            Label: Kiwi CD SLD 107

8:52 War Report 65.
An unusual newspaper advertisement from December, 1915.
Recorded in old age, William Meldrum recalls his 8 months at Gallipoli.
Reports of individual soldiers and their progress being a large part of newspaper coverage.
                           Music Track: There's a Long Long Trail A Winding
                           Artist: John McCormack
                           Composer: King/Elliott
                           Album: Oh, It's a Lovely War Vol 2486309
                           Music Track: We Don't Want to Fight but By Jingo…
                           Composer: McDermott/Hunt
8:59  Music Track: Waterfalls
                           Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra Composer: McCartney
                           Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 1
                           Label: Kiwi Tartar TRL 005

9:06 As I Remember Manpowered.
Memories of World War Two by Peter McCormack of Christchurch. (now 93, he was awarded the QSM for his work in search and rescue and the Newman’s Tourism Award for his work on the glacier. He was a foundation member of the Westland National Park Board on which he served for 16 years.

9:10 Music Track: Tea at Te Kuiti
                           Artist:  Ash Burton (Alex Veysey) (1963)
                           Composer: Avery
                           Label; Kiwi 45 SA 24

9:13 The Lady of the Lake.
An extract from a 1980s trip on the “Earnslaw on Lake Wakatipu.

9:23 Music Track:  We’ll Meet Again
                           Artist: Suzanne Prentice
                           Composer: Parker/Charles
                           Album: Memories Are Made of This
                           Label: Manuka

9:27 The Coastwise Trade.
A 1950s documentary about the Holmdale and coastal shipping featuring music, narration, poetry, interviews and field recordings. It covers: sailing from Wellington on the Holmdale, description of the deck, Captain Copland on canvas hatch covers and his twenty year service on the Holmdale, describes cargo, Captain Sydney Holm talks about his father a Swedish sea captain who arrived in NZ after the New Zealand wars, talks about his early voyages, describes cargos of produce to feed the North Island, Chief Engineer Mr L Cullen, Captain Copland on his routine, fog, reading the weather, "if the wind comes before the rain..." radio calling Taiaroa Head, John Goodwin the cook, Mr Henderson 2nd Mate talks about food and working conditions in his early days, Francis Lindsay helmsman aged 16 years, finishes with a poem written by Stephen Sully.

9:57 Radio commercials from the 1960s

9:58 Music Track:  You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
                            Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra
                            Composer: Diamond/Bergman
                            Album: Orchestral Gold
                            Label: Tartar