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8:08         Today in New Zealand History. 
Tasman first sights New Zealand, 13 December 1642.

8:14         Music Track: The Wreck of the Wahine
Artist: Phillipa Patterson and Hilary Sutton of Dunedin (1969)
Composer: Patterson/Sutton

8:17         A Survivor’s Story
When the Wahine sand with the loss of 51 lives in April 1968 Shirley Hick was a survivor but lost her daughter and her son was severely brain damaged. When Jim Sullivan visited her in Shannon in 1993 she could still recall in detail that tragic day of 25 years earlier.

8:27:       Music Track:  In The Mood
                Artist:  Marian Burns (fiddle)
                Composer:  Garland/Razaf
                Album: Memories Are Made of This
                Label: Manuka

8:26         Victoria Cross Campaign
In a 1990s interview Jim Sullivan talks to Charles Bennett, wartime commander of the Maori Battalion, about the campaign to have a Victoria Cross awarded to Lance Sergeant Haane Manahi.

8:38         A Great Rugby Moment –
110 years ago. The original All Blacks defeat 3-0 by Wales on 16 December 1905 remains controversial – many claiming Bob Deans scored a try which was disallowed and whish would have kept the All Black’s unbeaten record intact. This extract from a1950s documentary recreates the after game atmosphere in wales and in New Zealand.

8:45         Bookshelf:
“The Penguin Book of War Writing” edited by Harry Ricketts and Gavin McLean. Published by Penguin.  [ISBN-978-0143573098]
“The Death Ray Debacle” by David McGill Published by Silver Owl Press  [ISBN-978-0992262228]

8:47         Music Track:  Oh, My Papa
                Artist:  Les Andrews
                Composer: Burkhard
                Album: Memories Are Made of This
                Label: Manuka

8:52         War Report  66
An extract from Cecil Malthus’ book “Anzac, a Retrospect” describing the beginning of the evacuation from the Dardanelles and recollections from Sir William Cunningham and Sir Ernest Harston. Jim Meek sums up the soldiers’ feelings. Reports in New Zealand newspapers are yet to confirm evacuation

                Music Track: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
                Artist: John McCormack
                Composer: King/Elliott
                Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
                Label: CD41 486309

                Music Track: Are We Downhearted?
                Artist: Arthur Boyton
                Album: Oh, It's a Lovely War Vol 2
                Label: CD41 486309

8:58         Music Track: The Rose
                Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra Composer: McBroom
                Album: Orchestral Gold
                Label: Tartar

00:01       As I Remember.
The Haberdashery Girl by Betty Potts of Manukau

00:06       Music Track: True Love
                Artist: Kirsty Bamfield (passed away in January 2015 at the age of 65)
                Composer: Zax/Berger
                Album: Memories Are Made of This
                Label: Manuka

9:13         A Taste of Politics from almost 50 years ago.
A report from the National Party Conference in June 1967 introduced by Ken Funnell of Checkpoint. Extracts from the debates