09:05 Majority support some form of euthanasia

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New research from the University of Otago shows a majority support some form of euthanasia or assisted dying in New Zealand - and those attitudes have remained relatively constant for the past 20 years. A group of researchers from the school of medicine at Otago have examined existing studies from the last 2 decades which asked people what they thought of euthanasia. Lead author, Jessica Young joins Kathryn to talk through the findings.

09:20 A controversial Presidency heading into the US midterms

The US midterm elections get underway next week, in the middle of Donald Trump's first term. Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post reporter, and author of The Apprentice - Trump, Russia and the Subversion of American DemocracyGreg Miller has spoken to hundreds of people in the President's inner circle, intelligence communities, and foreign officials - in a quest to uncover  the truth behind the Kremlin's interference in Trump's win. What impact will the controversies plaguing the presidency have on election results?

USA  mid terms

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09:35 Christoph Frei - the 3Ds: disruptors in the energy sector

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Photo: World Energy Organisation

World energy leaders are meeting at Te Papa for the Asia Pacific energy sector's biannual Energy Leader's Summit.  World Energy Council Secretary-General Christoph Frei talks to Kathryn Ryan about navigating the three main drivers for change in the energy sector: decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation.

09:45 UK budget spending spree a gamble

UK correspondent Matthew Dathan says Chancellor Philip Hammond's has delivered a £103 billion spending spree in the Budget - is austerity over? But economists looking over the figures think he's taking a gamble with the accounting. And the fallout over the naming of Sir Philip Green continues.

10:05 Hamish Brewer: disrupting education with love

The tattooed skateboarding Principal, Hamish Brewer, who's shaking up education in Virginia

The tattooed skateboarding Principal, Hamish Brewer, who's shaking up education in Virginia Photo: Hamish Brewer

Educator Hamish Brewer is redefining what it means to be a school principal. Originally from New Zealand, he now calls Virginia home where his mission is to turn around ailing schools. He is tattooed, he skateboards and he tells the students he loves them, in case no one else in their lives is telling them that. Hamish has won many awards and given speeches about his work, and he joins Kathryn to talk through how his approach is transforming schools in Virginia.

10:35 Children's book review

Louise Ward from Wardini books reviews Inside the Villains by Clotilde Perrin, and Rivers: A visual history from river to sea by Peter Goes. Both are published by Gecko Press.

"Rivers by Peter Goes is a visual history for all ages covering the world's most important rivers. Highly illustrated to appeal as a book of knowledge it will engage school students and graphic artists alike.

Inside the Villains by Clotilde Perrin is a big, beautiful book all about our favourite villains from children's stories. There are so many things to pull out, skirts to look underneath, animals to look inside, all in great, humorous detail."

10:45 The Reading

The New Ships by Kate Duignan read by Nick Blake, part 8 of 12.

11:05 Acquisitions and new Apple products 

Tech commentator, Bill Bennett has news about IBM acquiring a little known company Red Hat - is it a big deal and will it make IBM relevant again? Also on the agenda is the SKY court case against the Kodi set top box and an Apple product launch.

11:25 Home schooling : pros and cons

A photo of a mother helping her child with homework

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Kathryn talks with Natalie Donaldson and Siobhan Porter about home schooling. They're both part of Auckland Home Educators, a support and advocacy group for parent educators. They have five children each and have home-schooled them all.

11:45 The creepiest things to watch for Halloween.

TV reviewer Sarah McMullan has been watching some seriously scary television in Halloween week - some hitting the mark and others not! She reviews the Soho show, A Discovery of Witches, the reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, more frightening called, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix), the remake of Charmed (Neon) and the Haunting of Hill House (Netflix). 


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