09:05 Housing affordability crisis - are we winning?

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Photo: REINZ

Earlier this week questions around who should qualify for Kiwbuild re-emerged after one of the first 18 families to buy one was accused of being too wealthy. Housing commentators say that's why a shared-ownership model could be vital in targeting the so-called "missing middle". Also on the horizon, hope the Central Bank's Loan to Value Restriction (LVR) review, due later this month, could lead to lower deposits. Meanwhile renters have won their campaign against crippling letting fees, which will be banned from next month. To discuss this with Lynn Freeman, Chief Executive of the Property Council Leonie Freeman, director of Goodman Property Trust and a former general manager of Housing New Zealand, AUT's Professor John Tookey and chief executive of the Real Estate Institute NZ Bindi Norwell.

09:20 150th anniversary of NZ standard time

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Photo: Measurement Standards Laboratory

Up until 150 years ago, each New Zealand region had its own, different time zone. That all changed on 2nd November 1868 when New Zealand brought in  a single time for the whole country, the first implementation of standard time in the world. Lynn Freeman talks to Dr Bruce Warrington, Chief Metrologist and CEO of the National Measurement Institute, Australia, a counterpart to and partner of NZ's Measurement Standards Laboratory. Dr Warrington is an expert on the science behind standard time and the technological innovations it enables.

09:30 Push to get more Asian stories to screen

Pan-Asian Screen Collective

Pan-Asian Screen Collective Photo: Pan-Asian Screen Collective

A group of Asian screen professionals are fighting to get more Asian stories onto our screens by lobbying funding bodies and nurturing young creatives. The Pan-ASian Screen Collective (PASC) says representation of all Asian communities is woeful and more needs to be done to get their stories told. Director Roseanne Liang and academic and film maker, Shuchi Kothari join Lynn to talk through why the collective is necessary and what it hopes to achieve.

09:45 Pacific correspondent Koro Vaka'uta 

Koro Vaka'uta reports on what's making news in the Pacific, including the New Caledonian Referendum on Independence, Super Typhoon Yutu thumping the Northern Marianas, and still no one has been held accountable for  then 2012 PNG maritime disaster where Rabaul Queen sank resulting in the loss of 170 lives.

Hopwood Middle School was severely damaged by Super Typhoon Yutu

Hopwood Middle School was severely damaged by Super Typhoon Yutu Photo: RNZ Pacific / Mark Rabago

10:05 Lani Wendt Young

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Photo: Supplied

An award-winning voice in Pacific literature, Lani Wendt Young is the 2018 Pacific Laureate.  Lani speaks to Lynn Freeman about persuing her love of writing stories in the face of publishers' initial reluctance and weathering ugly on-line abuse.  Lani's young adult fiction, and a large selection of short stories and essays enjoy a worldwide readership.  Lani's Young Adult Telesā Series is a core text in university Pacific Literature papers throughout the world, ranked number one on the Top Rated World Literature listing and hers are the most borrowed books by any Pasifika writer in Auckland's Libraries.  Lani's ninth book Ocean's Kiss was published earlier this year.

10:35 Book review - The Value of Everything by Mariana Mazzucato

Max Harris reviews The Value of Everything by Mariana Mazzucato, which is published by Allen Lane.

10:45 The Reading

The New Ships by Kate Duignan read by Nick Blake, part 9 of 12.

11:05 Kurt Vile, Yves Tumor & Angelique Kidjo

Philadelphia musician Kurt Vile is back with his first solo album in three years, and it's a ripper, according to music reviewer Grant Smithies. We hear two tracks from that today, alongside recent releases from "the Black Radiohead" Yves Tumor and African singer, Angelique Kidjo.

smithies composite

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11:30 Athletes react to killing of Saudi journalist

Leading tennis players, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have pulled out of an exhibition tennis match in Saudi Arabia in the wake  of the brutal killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Sports Commentator, Brendan Telfer also reviews the Black Caps' close loss to Pakistan and looks at a highly contentious review into the culture of Australian cricket.

 Djokovic & Nadal

Djokovic & Nadal Photo: composite

11:45 Vegan backlash, ghost lovers and more

Irene Pink and Elisabeth Easther look at the lighter side of the headlines in the week that was, including Amethyst Realm's unusual love life involving ghosts, and the backlash over a British magazine editor's comment about vegans.

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