09:05 Orthopaedic surgeons call for national task force to avoid 'looming crisis'

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The New Zealand Orthopaedic Association is calling for an urgent national task force on future orthopaedic surgery, for operations like hip and knee replacements,  to prevent a looming crisis. The Association says unless key agencies start working together, there will not be the required surgical teams or theatres needed to meet rising demand, forcing those needing joint replacements to live in pain because they can't get the surgery they need. Kathryn Ryan talks to the Association's  President Richard Keddell.

09:30 Dual citizenship scandal goes trans-tasman

Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Photo: AFP

Julie Bishop, Malcolm Turnbull and a string of their colleagues have tried to turn the Australia's dual citizenship scandal into an issue of Labor 'conspiring with a foreign power'.  Our correspondent Karen Middleton reports.

09:45 Keeping our health records safe from hackers

A recent global cyber attack that crippled the United Kingdom's national health service has shown Kiwis' health information is vulnerable and must be protected. Kathryn Ryan talks to Microsoft's worldwide health chief information security officer Hector Rodriguez who took a close look at the Wannacry virus and says that it's a matter of 'when' not 'if'  the next attack will occur in this country.

10:05 "53 years and I've loved every minute"-  Lloyd Scott

 Lloyd Scott has been a much loved voice through the night on RNZ for the last 13 years, and on Radio New Zealand in one form or another for 53 years. Last Sunday he said goodbye to listeners on his last overnight shift. He talks to Kathryn about his life and career.

10:35 Book review

Louise O'Brien has been reading Decline and Fall on Savage Street by Fiona Farrell.  Published by Penguin Random House.

10:45 The Reading:

Shingle Beach by Carl Nixon told by Grant Tilly (E3.of 5)

A portrait of a family at their bach, told from five different points of view. RNZ does not have web rights for this reading.

11:05  Music with Kirsten Johnstone: The National

Kirsten Johnstone with the music and backstory of American rock band, The National.

11:20 Connecting the habitats of pollinators

Andrea Reid is the creator and champion of Pollinator Paths, a movement aiming to connect the habitats of Auckland's pollinators.

11:45 Arts commentator Courtney Johnston

A new generation of artists take the stage at Wellington's Adam Art Gallery, and Te Papa teases its overhauled art galleries with a new digital interactive.

Music played in this show

Kirsten Johnstone's plays three songs by The National:

The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness

Bad Things Happen In The Bathroom

Morning Dew