09:05 Call to eradicate Hepatitis C in prisons

A Hepatitis C activist is calling for the government to fund the treatment of prisoners infected with the potentially deadly disease. Overseas studies have shown people are up to 150 percent more likely to catch Hepatitis C in prison. Kathryn Ryan talks to Hepatitis C patient advocate Hazel Heal and to Corrections' Director of Offender Health Bronwyn Donaldson 

09:20 Sleep, guts and bugs

Researchers in Sweden have discovered sleeplessness affects the your microbiome - changing populations of gut bacteria in people with average weight so they resemble populations seen in obese people.  The scientists aren't sure exactly what part gut bacteria play in the link between sleep and obesity but say it warrants further investigation. Kathryn Ryan speaks to one of the researchers, Dr Jonathan Cedernaes from Uppsala University.

09:45 USA correspondent

Kathryn Ryan talks to US correspondent, Steve Arnold about the growing likelihood that Trump's administration will end owing to the Russia collusion investigations.

10:05 From Mosul to safety: A tale of Lula and Simba

They're often the forgotten casualties of war... The many thousands of zoo animals killed by bombs or starvation after workers have fled... But a global animal charity named Four Paws is on a rescue operation to re-home them. Their latest mission was to bring the last surviving animals in the Montazah Al-Morour Zoo in the war-ravaged Iraqi city of Mosul to a wildlife shelter in Jordan. About 40 animals had died at the zoo before they arrived, and workers were shocked to find how bad the conditions had become for the only living animals -- Lula, a bear, and Simba, a lion. Kathryn speaks with the man who led the rescue operation for Four Paws, Amir Khalil.

10:35 Book review

Holly Walker discusses Australian writer Helen Garner: novelist, short story writer and journalist. A biography of Garner has been published - A Writing Life: Helen Garner and Her Work, by Bernadette Brennan. Published by Text Publishing.

10:45 The Reading

Edwin + Matilda by Laurence Fearnley

This week's reading is not available online as RNZ does not own the rights for its download.

11:05 Business commentator Rod Oram

Rod Oram takes a look at the Budget, the key tests ahead for Rocket Lab and the pricing of water.
11:30 Young man with a plan, farm ownership by 35

New Zealand dairy trainee of the year, 24 year old Clay Paton is a young man with a plan, hoping to own a farm, or a large scale sharemilking position by the time he's 35.


11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

Kathryn Ryan talks to Gavin Ellis about two privacy issues which illustrate the complexities facing news media decision-makers, and also the chequebook waving media frenzy surrounding Schapelle Corby's return to Australia,after serving her jail term for drugs in Bali.

Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald. He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz