09:05 Lombard case paves the way for shareholder legal action against directors

Financial advisor Chris Lee, who says the precedent setting Lombard finance case means that shareholders in other companies could now legally pursue directors for insurance payouts.

09:30 School exclusions

Russell Wills, Children's Commissioner; Lorraine Kerr, president of the School Trustees Association; and Vanushi Walters, senior solicitor with Youth Law.

Nearly 1,500 students were permanently excluded or expelled from schools last year. The Comissioner for Children and the legal advocacy organisation Youth Law say serious changes need to be made to the exclusions system. They're echoing concerns raised recently by the ombudsman David McGee who said that external agencies needed more input and greater power of review over boards of trustees' decisions.

09:45 US correspondent Jack Hitt

Rush Limbaugh puts contraception back in the headlines and the new Sarah Palin movie.

10:05 Jo Nesbø - Norwegian crime writer

Jo Nesbø's series about the brooding and flawed detective Harry Hole have been best-sellers around the world. He is visiting New Zealand for the New Zealand International Arts Festival's Writers and Readers sessions. Jo Nesbø is also the lead singer and songwriter for the Norwegian rock band Di Derre.

See details of Jo Nesbø's book and film release tour in New Zealand.

10:35 Book Review with Mary McCallum

Various Pets Alive and Dead by Marina Lewycka
Published by Fig Tree

10:45 Book Reading: Still Alive by Panni Thomas & Pauline Cartwright

Panni Thomas, now living in Central Otago's Alexandra, survived the Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia. This is her story.

Audio will be available here after broadcast.

11:05 Business correspondent Rod Oram

Section 9 and asset sales; and the Green Growth Advisory Group's report to the Government.

11:30 Community conservationists

Maryann Ewers and Bill Rooke operate Bush and Beyond, taking guided walks in Kahurangi National Park, New Zealand's second largest and most diverse park. They are committed conservationists, building their business reputation as an ecologically based operation, with a concern for the park's natural values. Maryann and Bill have had years of experience tramping and exploring in the area, and have a vast knowledge of flora, fauna and history to pass on to clients.

Ten years ago they founded the Friends of Flora, a small group of volunteers which has grown to become a true community project. Between DOC and FoF, they now have a trapping program covering approximately 5,500 hectares around the Flora Stream. The hope is that they can keep predator numbers (stoat, rat and possum) low enough that birds such as whio, kiwi, kaka, robin and rifleman can breed in safety.

11:45 TV review with David White

Independent TV and film director/producer reviews: New Girl - Four - Tuesdays 8:00pm; The Almighty Johnsons - Wednesday TV3 - 8:30pm;  Boss - SOHO Monday - 10:30pm.