22 May 2024

Australian ballroom dance legend Aric Yegudkin brings show to New Zealand

From Nights, 10:30 pm on 22 May 2024

Ballroom Blitz features twelve first-class dancers, a live five-piece band, and two live vocalists, performing to music from Elvis to Dua Lipa.

The show is touring to 12 spots around New Zealand, starting in Tauranga on 27 May.

The show's choreographer is legendary Australian dancer and three-time Dancing with the Stars champion Aric Yegudkin who talks to Emile Donovan.

Three pairs of dancers in the middle of a stage lit with strobes. The men are dressed in black vests with plunging necklines, and they are each dipping women in red dresses with long hair.

Photo: Justin Aveling