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Stuff the British Stole

21 Oct 2021

Throughout its reign, the British Empire stole a lot of stuff. Today those objects are housed in genteel institutions across the UK and the world. Marc Fennell Australian journalist, and host of SBS's The Feed joins us to talk about his new podcast "Stuff The British Stole" Audio

Friday 22 October 2021

7:07 Sonic Tonic - Fast Cars

What's your favourite car?

A Volkswagen Beetle at the Hanover Fair during the Maikaefertreffen (May Beetle Meeting) in Hanover, Germany

Photo: Photo by JULIAN STRATENSCHULTE / DPA / dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP

8:15 Pacific Waves

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Koroi Hawkins presents a daily current affairs programme that delves deeper into the major stories of the week, through a Pacific lens, and shines a light on issues affecting Pacific people wherever they are in the world.

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Photo: RNZ Pacific

8:30 Friday Night Live

For Best of Friday Night Live this week we feature the poly-fonk R'n'B stylings of Ardijah performing a live session for RNZ National in the Helen Young Studio back in 1999.

Betty-Anne from the band Adijah performing at the RNZ Auckland studios.

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

9:07 Country Life 

Country Life visits a couple who have transformed a bare gully into a rich food forest and an Ashburton farmer with an impressive collection of Massey farm machinery and vintage tractors is hosting the Wheat and Wheels Rally.

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Photo: RNZ / Cosmo Kentish-Barnes

10:17 Late Edition

Bryan Crump presents all the breaking news, a little analysis of the stories of the moment, and some highlights of the day on RNZ National.

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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson


10:20 Getting South Island communities to 90% vaccination  

A traffic light system was announced today by government which is intended to pave the way out of lockdown. Once DHB's get to 90% fully vaxxed - regions can rease restrictions. But Mayor for Westland Bruce Smith doubts his community can get to 90%

Westland mayor Bruce Smith

Photo: RNZ / Katie Todd


10:30 Unveiling the secretive truffle industry A Canterbury couple has been beavering away for four years in secret at a small farm near Rangiora to grow a delicacy that fetches up to $3000 per kilogram. Matthew and Catherine Dwan of the NZ Truffle Company, have been building nurseries and greenhouses to become this country's first large-scale truffle producer. Bryan talks to Matthew about the operation

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Photo: RNZ/Carol Stiles

10:45 Invercargill musician hits the big time
An Invercargill musician has cracked the US market with his new single being selected by US clothing giants to play instore. Arun O'Connor is due to release his new single TOO FAR GONE in a week from now. But it will be heard  through the in-store sound systems of the Old Navy and GAP businesses in 556 stores in Northern America from November 1. Arun chats to Bryan following a gig in Queenstown.

No caption

Photo: Arun O'Connor



11:07 The Mixtape

Actor, comedian, and musician Madeline Sami joins Charlotte Ryan on the this Weeks RNZ Mixtape ahead of her debut on the TVNZ's The Great Kiwi Bake Off.

Madeleine Sami

Madeleine Sami Photo: Supplied