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Emile Donovan

Host of Nights

Photo of Emile Donovan

Based in Auckland, Emile Donovan is a South Islander at heart, having been raised in Christchurch and going on to study a BA in English and Music at the University of Otago in Dunedin.

He started at RNZ in 2016 as a reporter, before becoming a producer for Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan and The Panel with Jim Mora. He has now taken on the role as presenter for Nights since early 2024.

Emile has presented RNZ podcast Squeaky Bum Time: A Football World Cup Podcast, summer programmes Summer Times and The Weekend, and Newsroom/RNZ current affairs podcast The Detail.

When he’s not reclining in deep contemplation of the secrets of the universe, he enjoys cooking, keeping up with sport, and lazing with his beloved cat, McNulty.

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