6 May 2024

The vision bus treating Auckland kids for free

From Nights, 9:30 pm on 6 May 2024

Our modern way of living may be creating the preconditions for poor eyesight in our children.

Myopia, or short sightedness, is one of the most common medical conditions in the world, and research shows it's becoming more common.

The causes are many, but the amount of time children spend indoors is being treated as growing cause for concern.

Sachi Rathod is a professional teaching fellow at the University of Auckland. She's also an optometrist for the university's Vision Bus, which drives around the Auckland region providing eye care to school children.

She joins Emile Donovan.

Sachi stands on a beach smiling at the camera. It is evening, and the rocky shoreline behind her is lit up with golden light.

Sachi Rathod is an optometrist for Vision Bus Aotearoa, treating school students around Auckland. Photo: Supplied