Palmerston North rubbish-handlers save recyclables from landfill

From Nights, 10:45 pm on 9 April 2024

Last week, after a cricket game at Hagley Oval in Christchurch, fan Sue Craig-Stewart spotted something fishy going on with the grounds' rubbish bins.

While people were sorting their waste into rubbish and recycling bins, once the bin bags were taken away, they were all chucked in the same skip, destined for landfill, she told Checkpoint.

Nelson Harper is the CEO of Precycle NZ, a waste minimisation group in Palmerston North. He says the scenes at Hagley Park are completely avoidable with the right manpower.

He joins Emile Donovan.

Two people in hi-vis jackets stand under a gazebo sorting through rubbish bags by hand.

Precycle NZ sort through rubbish from big events to separate out items that can be recycled or composted. Photo: Supplied