21 Nov 2023

How much artistic license is too much?

From Nights, 10:18 pm on 21 November 2023

This Thursday is the release day for Ridley Scott's epic-sounding new film Napoleon, all about the life and times of the French general and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte ... But early screenings of the film around the world have kicked up a BIT of consternation from historians who feel Scott has played a bit fast and loose with the historical record in the film ... One scene in particular which is part of the film's trailer shows Napoleon ordering cannons to fire at the Pyramids in Egypt ... which didn't actually happen. But, of course, directors have been taking liberties with historical events for the sake of narrative since the advent of film itself: so, when is it OK, and when is it not? Giacomo Lichtner an associate professor of history and film at Victoria University speaks to Mark.