2 -3pm

O Brother Where Art Thou?
We mark the 10th anniversary of the film soundtrack O Brother Where Art Thou?, which revitalised Bluegrass and Mountain music for the 21st century.

Unfaithful Ways
Lyttelton band The Unfaithful Ways have just released their debut L.P. Free Rein. We talk to singer Marlon Williams about his love of Northern Carolinian country music and the holes in his shoes.

The Sampler: Ryan Adams
Nick Bollinger assesses the new album from alt-country icon Ryan Adams.

3 - 4pm

jordanreyne avatarJordan Reyne
The NZ industrial-folk musician based in London talks about finding a supportive fan-base in the online game Second Life; weaving her family history into song, and her new album Children Of A Factory Nation. (Jordan pictured left, as avatar)


We speak to instrumental post-metal band Kerretta, who have been blasting audiences from here to the U.S. for the past six years. Their latest release Saansilo s gathering great reviews from European press.

Introducing: SinSin
The new project from Motocade's Geordie McCallum

Gig Guide

4 - 5pm

We join singer-songwriter samRB (pictured below) busking on Queen Street, Auckland for a chat about the connections she makes on the streets, and her debut album Seems I Might Be Human.

samRB busking

Live: Tono and the Finance Company in session
Live in session at Roundhead studio, Dunedin-raised Anthonie Tonnon (Tono) performs an Auckland-centric set of songs about Herne Bay landlords; K-Road bar-hopping; and writing break-up songs in Grey Lynn… with nods along the way to Hamilton, disagreeing with David Bowie and - of course - a little economic theory. Tono is joined in the studio by Lisa Crawley and Graham Panther.

Tono Roundhead Still

Tono, live at Roundhead.

Music played in this show


Artist: John Hartford
Song: I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow
Composer: trad
Album: O Brother Where Art Thou
Label: Lost Highway


O Brother Where Art Thou package

Artist: The Kossoy Sisters
Song: I’ll Fly Away
Composer: Brumley
Album: O Brother Where Art Thou
Label: Lost Highway

Artist: – John Hartford
Song: Indian War Whoop
Composer: Ming
Album: O Brother Where Art Thou
Label: Lost Highway

Artist: Ralph Stanley
Song: O Death
Composer: trad
Album: O Brother Where Art Thou
Label: Lost Highway

Artist: Soggy Bottom Boys
Song: I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow
Composer: trad
Album:  O Brother Where Art Thou
Label: Lost Highway

Artist: Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
Song: Greyhound Bus Depot
Composer: George
Album: The Cowboy And The Lady
Label: Smells Like Records

The Unfaithful Ways interview

Artist: The Unfaithful Ways
Song: Katie My Darling, Restless and Ready
Composer: Marlon Williams
Album: Free Rein
Label: Aeroplane

Artist: the Unfaithful Ways
Song: Yesterday I Loved You But Today I Just Don’t Care
Composer: Marlon Williams
Album: n/a
Label: Radio New Zealand recording

Artist: Ralph Stanley with Hal Ketchum
Song:  How Mountains Girls Can Love
Composer: Ruby Rakes
Album: Ralph Stanley and Friends
Label: Rebel

Artist: Ralph Stanley with George Jones
Song:  The Window Up Above
Composer: George Jones
Album: Ralph Stanley and Friends
Label: Rebel

Artist: Hank III
Song: Drinkin’ Ain’t Hard To Do,Tore Up And Loud,#5
Composer: Hank Williams III
Album: Rebel Within
Label: Sidewalk


Artist:John The Baptist
Song: Hawkin Stomp
Composer: John The Baptist
Album: The Great Mountain Haul EP
Label: Private

Artist: Wilco
Song: I Might
Composer: J Tweedy
Album: The Whole Love
Label: Anti

The Sampler: Ryan Adams

Artist: Ryan Adams
Songs: Ashes and Fire, Save Me, I Love You But I Don’t Know What To Say, Rocks, Dirty Rain
Composer: Ryan Adams
Album: Ashes and Fire
Label: Pax-Am


Song: Resurrection
Composer: Megafaun
Album: Megafaun
Label: Crammed Discs

Artist: Blitzen Trapper
Song: My Home Town
Composer: E Early
Album: American Goldwing
Label: Subpop

Artist: Wires and Wood
Song: Nashville Skyline Rag
Composer: Dylan
Album: Over The Moon
Label: Private



Artist: Kraftwerk
Song: Computer World
Composer: Bartos, Hütter, Schneider
Album: Minimum Maximum
Label: Kling Klang

The Sampler: Jordan Reyne

Artist: Jordan Reyne
Songs: Factory Nation, A Hard Game, Johnny and the Sea, Heavenly Creatures, A Woman Scorned, Wait
Composer: Jordan Reyne
Album: Children Of A Factory Nation
Label: Chezz


Artist: Suzanne Vega  
Songs: Solitaire
Composer: S Vega
Album: Close Up Vol 3: States Of Being
Label: Shock

Artist: M83
Song: Midnight City
Composer: A Gonzales
Album: Hurry Up We're Dreaming
Label: Mute

Artist: Mogwai feat. Roky Erickson
Song: Devil Rides  
Composer: Mogwai/R Erickson
Album: Bat Cat EP  
Label: Spunk

Kerretta Interview

Artist: Kerretta
Songs: A Ways To Uprise, Bloodlines, Halls To Wherever, Kept From The Brilliance Of The outer World
Composer: H. Walker, W. Waters, D. Holmes
Album: Saansilo
Label: Golden Antenna


Introducing: SinSin

Artist: SinSin
Song: Sorry But I'm Falling Down Again
Composer: G McCallum, E Rosenburg
Album: Layers EP
Label: Frequency Media


Artist: Onanon
Song: Axolotl
Composer: Onanon
Album: Bad Vibrations Ep
Label: Private

Artist: Dum Dum Girls
Song: Always Looking
Composer: Dee Dee
Album: Only In Dreams
Label: Subpop

Gig Guide Bed

Artist: The Sisters Of Mercy
Song: Never Land (A Fragment)
Composer: A Eldritch
Album: Floodland
Label: Rhino

Artist: The Damned
Song: Smash It Up (Part 2)
Composer: The Damned
Album: Anthology
Label: Castle

Artist: The Exponents
Song: Summer You Never Meant (instrumental)
Composer: The Exponents
Album: La La Lulu single
Label: Warner

Artist: Ladi6
Song: BangBang
Composer: Tamati/Park/Dyne
Album: The Liberation Of
Label: Ladi6

Artist: God Bows To Math
Song: Go Team Punx
Composer: God Bows To Math
Album: Solar Lights Don't Work at Night
Label: Muzai


Artist: Glass Vaults
Song: Gold Star
Composer: R Larsen/R Pierce
Album: Into Gold
Label: Private


Artist: The Gremlins
Song: Ballad Of A Busker
Composer: Tucker
Album: Blast Off 1965-68
Label: EMI

samRB Interview

Artist: samRB
Song: Seems I Might Be Human, I Choose You, Life Has Just Begun, Recommended Viewing
Composer: Sam RB Hanna
Album: Seems I Might Be Human
Label: Private

Tono & the Finance Company live in session

Artist: Tono & the Finance Company
Song: Marian Bates Realty, Disagreement with David Bowie Over the Song ‘All The Young Dudes’, Timing, Tim, Barry Smith of Hamilton *
Composer: Anthonie Tonnon
Album: Unreleased
Label: live session


Artist: David Bowie
Song: All The Young Dudes
Composer: D Bowie
Album: Ziggy Stardust the Motion Picture
Label: RCA

Artist: Mulchzoid
Song: Punch Drunk Giddy
Composer: D Mulchahy
Album: Neck
Label: Private

Artist: Maia Vidal
Song: The Waltz of the Tick Tock of Time
Composer: M Vidal
Album: God Is My Bike
Label: Crammed

Artist: Charlotte Gainsbourg
Song: Voyage
Composer: C Gainsbourg
Album: IRM
Label: Because

Artist: Offshore
Song: Pacer
Composer: Offshore
Album: Pacer
Label: Big