12 Feb 2024

Design brilliance of an 'eel pump' helping native stocks thrive

From Afternoons, 1:34 pm on 12 February 2024

It's nearly eel migration season which means short and long fin tuna start their migration from our freshwater streams to Tonga, to breed for the first time at the end of their life.

On this journey, they'll try swim through flood pumps in our rivers and streams which can contribute to significant mortality.

This season a trial of fish-friendly pumps are in place. These have been in the works for around 5 years, a collaboration between Waikato Regional Council, MacEwans Pumping Systems, and Callaghan Innovation.

MacEwans Pumping Systems general manager Tom Bailey talks to Jesse about the trial and it's success.

Longfin eel.

Photo: 123rf