1:10 Revolver - Painting In Sound 

Just four years after recording their debut single, Love Me Do, The Beatles released their inventive, psychedelic influenced album, Revolver in 1966. The album, newly remixed in a 2022 box set edition, is discussed by The Beatles along with producers George and Giles Martin in the documentary series, Revolver - Painting In Sound. This is part 1 of this 5 part series.

The Beatles Revolver album cover

The Beatles Revolver album cover Photo: Universal Music

1:45 Nau Mai Town: Paraparaumu 

Nau Mai Town is a RNZ podcast about Aotearoa place names, including names that get well, a bit mangled. PRAM and PARA-PARAM are shortened versions of the Māori name Paraparaumu, on the Kapiti Coast. John Barrett hopes the 'nick names' are a thing of the past. 

"Paraparaumu" in the style of iconic New Zealand road sign.

Photo: RNZ / Krista Barnaby

2:10 Crimes NZ: Alan Hall

Today we continue to listen again to our latest series of Crimes NZ...what could potentially be one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in New Zealand criminal history. Alan Hall spent 19 years in jail for a murder he did not commit and had his conviction quashed in the supreme court.

Alan Hall's brothers Greg, Geoff and Robert speak outside the Supreme Court.

Alan Hall's brothers Greg, Geoff and Robert speak outside the Supreme Court. Photo: RNZ

2:35 Ziggy Stardust: Hang on to yourself (Part 2)

When David Bowie stepped onto the stage as Ziggy Stardust in 1972, one of the world's greatest gay icons was born and the rulebooks were forever rewritten. Ziggy liberated the gay, the bisexual and the androgyne. Bowie was not an activist in the traditional sense but he helped give voice to disenfranchised subcultures in society. To mark the 50th anniversary of Bowie's iconic creation, we hear how Ziggy inspired a generation of people to celebrate their own self-actualisation, redefining sexuality and setting the groundwork for activism that continues today... this is part 2.

Bowie's Ziggy Stardust album had made him a rock star.

Bowie's Ziggy Stardust album had made him a rock star. Photo: AFP / Kobal / The Picture Desk

3:10 NZ Sporting History: Ricki Herbert

As we relive NZ Sporting History from Jesse Mulligan's afternoon show...tonight he goes back to 1982. For the first time ever, the All Whites qualified for the Fifa World Cup. Jesse speaks to former All-Whites defender at the time, Ricki Herbert

Former All Whites coach Ricki Herbert has been appointed coach of the Papua New Guinea Under 23 squad which will contest the Pacific Games in July.

Ricki Herbert Photo: PHOTOSPORT

3:35 AUT Doco: Kiwis and Sarees

New Zealand is home to a diverse range of communities from all around the world, so how do individuals still celebrate their culture whilst embracing Kiwiana life? British and Bengali AUT radio student, Sufia, explores how South Asian women have been able to celebrate their culture in New Zealand with a focus on fashion choices, and how they identify themselves in such a contrasting environment.

3:45 The Panel with Chris Finlayson and Dr Ella Henry.