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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 25 March 2019

1:10 First song

1:15 Sexism, trolling and the photo of Tayla Harris

Tayla Harris

Tayla Harris Photo: Michael Wilson/Australian Football League

This stunning image is of Tayla Harris, an Australian Rules Football unleashed a perfect punt. But it became a talking point for all the wrong reasons.

When Australia's channel 7 published the photo it was besieged by trolls making nasty comments - so removed it. That caused an even bigger backlash from people pointing out that the trolls were the problem not the photo, so the broadcaster re-posted it on social media.

Kate O'Halloran is a former cricketer for Victoria and now works as a sports journalist and joins us now to explain more about sexism in sport and what can be done.

1:25 The Warren - community wood workshop in Auckland City.

Tim Boyd is the founder of The Warren - a community workshop he started after getting really frustrated seeing skips overflowing with discarded but usable building materials.

He joins us to talk about how it's never too late to acquire practical skills.


Woodworking Photo: Pixabay free use

1:35 How useful is sex education in schools?

A new survey by Family Planning has found that young people feel they are not being taught enough about sex and sexuality in the classroom, and so top up their learning on-line.

We discuss the findings with the chief executive of Family Planning, Jackie Edmond

1:40 Great album

2:10 Television Critic Verity Johnson

Verity reviews last night's episode of Sunday on TVNZ, which covered the mosque shootings, as well as Afterlife, the new Ricky Gervais black comedy on Netflix

2:20 Fake news and the mosque shootings

It's a sad fact of the aftermath of terrible tragedies that misinformation and fake news start spreading through social media

It happens regularly in the US following school shootings, claims they were faked or orcehstrated by the US government - And unfortunately people are reporting that it is happenign here following the Christchurch mosque shooting

So we invited Jordan Carter from Internet NZ to advise on what to do if someone you know is sucked in by some of these theories

People gather outside Al Noor Mosque

People gather outside Al Noor Mosque Photo: RNZ/ Dan Cook

2:30 Expert feature - copyright

Ever wondered why you never hear "Happy Birthday" in a TV show? Why you can't just upload clips from your favourite TV show to YouTube? Or why cover bands are allowed to exist? 

The short answer is that all these things are governed by New Zealand's copyright laws, which are up for review later this year.

Mandy Henk is the chief executive of the creative commons organisation TohaToha, and joins us to talk all things copyright.

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Photo: 123RF

3:10 Upulie Divisekera - Real Scientists

Upulie Divisekera

Upulie Divisekera Photo: supplied

I Science I Write I Tweet . That's how molecular biologist, science communicator and dinosaur evangelist Upulie Divisekera rolls. She's the co-founder of Real Scientists, a Twitter account run by scientists who post updates about exciting work being done in a variety of fields.

She famously defended her work in nano science in a Twitter Stoush with Elon Musk when he called her work 'meaningless'. She's at the University of Auckland now and we talk to her about the importance of curiosity, women in STEM and social media and science.

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