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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 7 October 2015

1:06 Jesse Intro

1:13 First Song (CoStar)

'Say Say Say' - Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson

1.17 University Evacuations - Adriana Weber

1:27 Relationships - Michele A'Court

1.34 Jamestown Revival - Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance

In the past they've described their music as 'back-porch folk rock, Southern-influenced blue grass rock, that's sometimes soft, rowdy, sweet and gentle'. They are childhood friends and fellow musicians Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. Together, they're Jamestown Revival, and they're coming to New Zealand soon.

1:40 Favourite Album

Art Garfunkel - Angel Clare. Chosen by Kathryn Trounson.

2:10 Food

Yael Schochat - chef at Ima restaurant

Sirocco - Peta Mathias

In the second part of 'Sirocco', Peta Mathias tells us more about the history of the Portuguese, and why they are as they are.

Morgan Maw - Scottish oatcakes

3:06 Coming up

Emails/Texts/Social Media

3:10 Technology And Innovation

Technology correspondent - Paul Brislen

Innovator - Kendall Flutey

Gig City - John Gallagher

3:25 The Wireless Preview - Caitlin Te Tai

Caitlin has written a fascinating article for Radio New Zealand's online magazine, The Wireless. It's about New Zealand's most popular YouTube stars.

3:35 Spoken Feature

Stars like London based mezzo-soprano Rhonda Browne and Ben Fulton and "The Bones" return home to celebrate their high school's 40th anniversary in style with a fund-raising arts festival. An alumni herself, Lynda Chanwai-Earle heads to Havelock North in Hawkes Bay to find out more.

3:45 Panel Pre-Show - Jesse & Jim & Zara