1:10 Your Song

I Want You Back (Jackson 5 cover) by Lake Street Dive.  Chosen by Diane Bellamy of New Plymouth

Nga Taonga Sound Vision1:20 New Zealand Retro: Motor Racing

We take you to the golden age of New Zealand motor sport… to those days in the 60s and 70s when the names McLaren, Hulme and Amon grabbed headlines around the world.  Chris Amon and Scott McLaughlin speak about driving fast. And Max Rutherford joins us to talk about his work and new book ' Paddock to Podium - The Mechanics View'.

Archival audio supplied by Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision.

Motor racing in 1963
Photos sent in by listener - motor racing in Levin 1963, "Denis Holme had just won the premier race of the meet and had pulled off the track just by where we were standing. So we walked across the track, congratulated him and had a good squiz at his car at the same time. How times have changed!" says David in Wanganui

2:10  Country Cop 24/7: The Life and Times of a Rural Cop - Gavin Benney

He is a former police officer who worked in a small community, got to know that community well, and by most accounts did a great job. But in serving 24 years in Hikurangi, north of Whangarei, Gavin Benney broke a few rules. In the end, he gave policing away. Gavin Benney details all this in a book called "Country Cop 24/7: The Life and Times of a Rural Cop"

2:30 Festival Review

Justin Gregory reports on the Auckland Arts Festival  

2:45 Feature album

Hall and Oates "Voices" - 1980

3:10 Feature interview - Tom Rob Smith

Vogue magazine calls Tom Rob Smith an icon of genius and style. Before the age of 30, his first novel became the first ever thriller to be longlisted for the Man Booker Prize. 'Child 44' is about a serial killer in Stalin's Soviet Union, and a film based on the book starring Gary Oldham comes out this year. Smith has just finished writing a thriller series for the BBC called London Spy. His latest novel is no less dramatic than his previous work, but this time it's based on his own family and the phone call from his father that changed his life

3:30 Voices - Lynda Chanwai-Earle

"Ancient and new" Chinese stand-up comedy is featured at a Gala Festival in Lower Hutt, Wellington with a popular visiting comedian from Hunan, China. Lynda Chanwai-Earle attends the festival to learn more about a form of comedy that dates back to the Ming Dynasty - with a modern twist 

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

With Jim Mora, Noelle McCarthy, Rob Salmond and Neil Miller


Monday 9 March




ARTIST: Lake Street Dive

TITLE:  I Want You Back

COMP: Berry Gordy, Jr. / Alphonso Mizell / Freddie Perren / D. Richards

ALBUM:  Fun Machine





ARTIST: Yello 

TITLE:  The Race

COMP: Boris Blank / Dieter Meier

ALBUM:  Flag



ARTIST: George Harrison

TITLE:  Faster 

COMP: James Dean Bradfield / George Harrison / Richey James / Sean Moore / Nicky Wire

ALBUM:  The Holy Bible



ARTIST: Foo Fighters

TITLE:  The Best Of You 

COMP: Foo Fighters

ALBUM:  Greatest Hits





ARTIST: Hall and Oates

TITLE:  You Make My Dreams

COMP:  Sara Allen, Hall, Oates

ALBUM: Voices

LABEL: RCA 370152 


ARTIST: Hall and Oates

TITLE:  Your Kiss Is On My List

COMP:  Janna Allen, Hall

ALBUM: Voices

LABEL: RCA 370152 


ARTIST: Hall and Oates

TITLE:  Every Time You Go Away

COMP:  Hall

ALBUM: Voices

LABEL: RCA 370152  




ARTIST: Mariah Carey

TITLE:   Vanishing

COMP:  Carey, Margulies

ALBUM:  Music Box

LABEL:  Columbia