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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 18 February 2015

1:10 Your Song

Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes by Paul Simon. Chosen by Monty Bevins

1:20 Music Trivia game 

No clues here.  Sorry!

2:10 Latest stories from around New Zealand and the World

Researchers have discovered some of what may be the oldest landing sites in Aotearoa for waka as captured by Abel Tasman's artist in 1642. They made several trips to sea to find the exact place from which the original Dutch drawings were made.

Gallery: images comparing contemporary geography with the original Dutch drawings

Taupo Point in the Witsen image and as it is from the same point at sea. Image: supplied.

2:20 BBC Witness - Dresden Bombing

On 13th February 1945 the Allies began a series of air raids against the German city of Dresden. The bombing started a firestorm in which tens of thousands of civilians were killed, and the cultural and architectural centre of Dresden was completely destroyed

2:30 NZ Reading - The Crime Of Huey Dunstan

Lawrence and Ches lose their case in defence of Huey. Lawrence decides not to appeal

2:45 Feature album

Florence and the Machine "Lungs" (2009)

3:10 Tech News with Paul Brislen

Today we're talking telescopic contact lenses, more on the role of computers in schools and Sky's launch of Neon

3:30 New Zealand Society

They're busy busting "PBM" or poaching black market with the "black gold" paua-smuggling rings. Lynda Chanwai-Earle spends a day following the men and women working hard to protect our coastlines as Fishery Compliance Officers, to make sure there are enough fish left in the sea for future generations

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

With Jim Mora, Noelle McCarthy, Richard Poole and Julia Hartley Moore