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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 19 February 2015

1:10   Your Song - Hotel California - The Eagles, chosen by Ally O'Neill of Masterton

1:20   New Zealand A to Z: Lake Taupo

Brad Scott - A GNS Science vulcanologist dispels some common myths about Lake Taupo and what will happen when it erupts again

Matahi Whakataka-Brightwell - An artist behind the gigantic maori stone carving on a cliff in Mine Bay

Chris Jolly - The owner of a boat charter company who has been operating on the lake for the last 35 years. He took a trip on a submarine to see the active volcanic vents beneath the lake's surface in 1994.
2:10  Robot Man - Dr Andrew McDaid is a medical engineer who's leading the world - developing robotics that will help children with cerebral palsy.
2:20 Digital D-Jaying - Sonia Sly talks with DJ Spell who's defending his title at the DMC competition later this year and also with DJ Raw, head of the D-jaying School at Whiteireia Polytech.

2:30  NZ Reading - The Crime of Huey Dunstan #4

2:45  Feature Album -  Sade- Promise.(1985) 

3.10 The Expats - Tony Calvert  - Fair to say that most New Zealanders embarking on their OE tend to do so before settling down to family life. That's not always the case though, and our Expat this week is someone who's approached it in a different way. We talk to photographer, Tony Calvert, who is living in the Cotswalds with his wife.

3:20  Seabird Central at the Bounty Islands - Alison Ballance
They might just be a small group of low rocks, with no vegetation or dirt, but the Bounty Islands are seabird central, with nesting Salvin's albatrosses and erect-crested penguins jostling for space. Alison Ballance joins Jacinda Amey from the Department of Conservation to find out how the birds are faring on these remarkable islands.

3:35  The Murder of Daniel Pearl - Frahana Haida of BBC 'Witness'

3:45  Panel Pre-Show - Noelle McCarthy.

Music List


ARTIST:  Eagles
TITLE:   Hotel California
COMP:   Felder/Henley/Frey      
ALBUM:  Hotel California
LABEL:  Asylum 253051


TITLE:  The Sweetest Taboo
COMP:  Adu · Martin Ditcham
ALBUM: Promises
LABEL:  Epic/Promo promise

TITLE:  Is It A Crime
COMP:  Sade Adu · Stuart Matthewman · Andrew Hale
ALBUM: Promises
LABEL:   Epic/Promo promise

TITLE:  Mr Wrong
COMP:  Adu · Matthewman · Hale · Paul S. Denman
ALBUM: Promises
LABEL:   Epic/Promo promise

3:30 Song

ARTIST: Collapsing Cities
TITLE:  Favours for Favours'   
ALBUM: Strangers Again
LABEL:   Collapsing Cities 878402