1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Allan Wilson - Greymouth nominated 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)' by The Proclaimers.

1:25 Critical Mass

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"The Good House"  By Ann Leary
"The Valley of Amazement"  By Amy Tan.  

2:10 Abrupt End to World Sailing Adventure - Gabriel Lyne - A UK couple are overwhelmed with community support after their world sailing holiday came to an abrupt end, when their 16-metre yacht was gutted by fire in Queen Charlotte Sound last Friday morning. Instead of celebrating a Kiwi Xmas, Gabriel and Jonathan Lyne are flying home to England tomorrow.

2:20  Busuanga Island  - Francesca Voza - Every year or two Central Otago couple Francesca and James Voza head to the Phillipines, to go diving, lie on the beach and sip fruity cocktails. But this year, two days before they were due to land, their destination - the island of Busuanga - was struck by Typhoon Haiyan. The pair were advised by their travel agent, families and friends to cancel their trip. Instead, they unpacked their diving gear, filled their bags with 100-kilograms of donated medical supplies and clothes, and began a nightmarish journey to Busuanga Island to do what they could to help.

2:30 Reading - One thing that diver, Rob Hewitt  was not aware of after three nights floating  in  the sea off Kapiti Island was that the official search for him had been called off. It is presumed that he has drowned - or  been taken by a shark. But although he had seen their dorsal fins nearby, a shark has not lunged at him. It is the sea-lice and salt water which are attacking his body. His story continues today at 2.30
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'Nguru Tangi Atu' off  Marae Music by  Woodcut Production Music.  Wood 87

2:45 Feature album - Dead & Born & Grown - the debut album from folk-rock trio, The Staves.

3:10 Strange Christmas traditions from around the world... why they decorate Christmas trees with spider webs in the Ukraine, and the country where Christmas dinner includes deep fried caterpillars.  Author Joey Green knows all about the weird side of Christmas.

3:30  Asian Report - Lynda Chanwai-Earle - In today's Asian Report; He was one of only two Chinese commissioned officers serving with the Royal New Zealand Airforce during World War 2. Lynda's in Dunedin meeting the family of the late Bill Wong, affectionately known as "Willie McWong" to those who knew him best.

4:06 Barry Corbett's on The Panel today with Elleen Read. Chats about Hone Harawira, Len Brown and the possible resurgence of Rodney, Rodney Hide. And matters pertaining to money: the banks lending the money they can't make available for home loans now in other areas that are the preserve of finance companies, even as people now go to finance companies to cobble together home loan deposits. And does the Avatar rebate stack up?