1:10 Best song ever written

Asimbonanga by Johnny Clegg and Savuka, chosen by David Wall.

1:15 Link 3 - music game

Artist: David Bowie
Title: Space Oddity

Artist: Oasis
Title: Wonderwall

Artist: The Beatles
Title: Strawberry Fields Forever

Artist: The Moody Blues
Title: Nights In White Satin

Artist: Traffic
Title: Hole In My Shoe

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Title: Kashmir

2:10 Mark Ayling - the biggest baddest bucket list competition

Mark and Alex Ayling are on the trip of a lifetime. They beat thousands of candidates to win the biggest baddest bucket list competition. The journey started in British Columbia and ends on Christmas Eve in Hawkes Bay. They call themselves the Vagabrothers and they've spent time with the nomads in Kazakhstan eating horse sausage, lept into Shark Alley off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa to spend some time with great whites, and now they will be finishing their epic journey with a family Christmas in Havelock North.

Link: the biggest baddest bucket list competition

2:20 Lord Nelson's telescope

William "Cookie" Cook sailed the seas more than 180 years ago with Lord Horatio Nelson. He was a cabin boy and a powder monkey aboard the Victory before he got into trouble with the law and was sent to Australia as a convict for stealing one pound of lead. Family legend says because he knew the Captain of the convict ship he was able to bring with him two items from his time at sea: two items that belonged to Lord Nelson – a personal bucket and a telescope. The items have been passed down through Cook's family in Australia and now they are for sale. Nelson man Peter Johnson would like to see them end up in the city that bears the naval hero's name.

2:30 Reading: Treading Water

Rob Hewitt's remarkable story of surviving 75 hours in the waters around Kapiti Island.

2:45 Feature album: The Rising by Bruce Springsteen

3:12 Virtual world with Jules Older

3:33 Auckland story

Roskill Coffee Project – a venture that aims to donate all of its profits back to the Mt Roskill community.

4:06 The Panel

Neil Miller and Michael Deaker on Len Brown, the Hillary Villa, Seven Sharp, alcohol laws and school parties.