1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Tina Clough of Napier nominated 'One More Cup Of Coffee' by Bic Runga.

1:25 NZ Live - Wellington singer/songwriter, Anna Coddington - on the road right now on the 'Make You Mine' tour,

2:10 The Nanking Cafe - Neville Hall - Fifty years ago, Hugh Chin and his wife, Alice opened one of the first Chinese Restaurants in South Dunedin. In 1963, when most New Zealanders were hooked on meat and three vege, the Nanking Cafe offered sweet and sour pork, spring rolls and noodles made by hand because no one supplied them. Mr Chin came to New Zealand from China at the age of 14 with nothing.  Today the restaurant, now called the Nanking Palace, is run by his sons. Mike and Neville Hall. They grew up working in the restaurant doing everything from cleaning tables to serving in the takeaway at the age of seven, standing on  wooden boxes to reach the register. The family held a celebration dinner at the Restaurant this week. 

2:20  Fulbright New Zealand - Lisa Thompson - This year Fulbright New Zealand has marked its 65th anniversary with a record number of grantees, with 83 New Zealand and American graduate students, academics, artists and professionals having been honoured. Spoken Features producer Lisa Thompson speaks to those who are tasked with taking the Fulbright programme into the future, beginning with Fulbright New Zealand's executive director Mele Wendt.

2:30 Reading - Part 5 of our radio adaptation of 'Swamp Fever'  - author Gerard Hindmarsh's memoir about his 1970's aspiration to be alternative lifestyler.
'Generations of Love CD1 Happy Together BX995532 © Castle Music Ltd. Tk 8 The Seekers 59th Street Bridge Song (feeling groovy) by Simon.
Natures Best: New Zealand's Top 30 Songs of All-Time 5054952000  © 2002 Sony Music Entertainment Tk 1. Nature by Wayne Mason

2:45 Feature album - Elton John - the second album, released in 1970.

3:08 One Stop Shop - The food today with Christchurch chef, Phillip Kraal from Bamboozle Oriental Fusion has a Greek dish with marinated fish, Yvonne Lorkin with the wine matches, and Sarah McMullan reviews the Sandra Bullock/George Clooney thriller Gravity by Sarah McMullan, and the  3D animated comedy Turbo.

Phillip's Recipe Citrus Marinated Gurnard fillet

Sarah's Movies:

Gravity - Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, written by Alfonso Cuaron and his son Jonas Cuaron,
starring George Clooney, Sandra Bullock & the voice of Ed Harris as Mission Control.

Turbo - starring Ryan Reynolds, Snoop Dog, Samuel L Jackson, Paul Giamatti, Michelle Rodriguez.

3:40 - The Shearing and Wool Champs - David Fagan - The country's only National Merino Shearing and Wool Championship starts today in Alexandra. The competition has been going for 52 years. About 200 shearers and wool handlers are expected to compete over the next few days. New Zealand shearers will be gunning for Merino shears champion Damien Boyle, of Australia who has won three years in a row and is back trying for a fourth consecutive win. Amoung the competitors is Kiwi Shearing legend David Fagan.

4:06 Garry Moore and Jeremy Hansen are on The Panel today - Team New Zealand's farewell in Auckland, but Stephen Joyce is displaying enthusiasm for another go at the America's Cup. The cost of ACC, and what difference would compulsory car insurance make, and why don't we have it in NZ? Len Brown's asked about the very high salaries paid out to council employees in Auckland and his reply is we've got to meet the market. The Complaints Choir sings in reply to that today. The question of who will mow Auckland's grass verges isn't going away, and the apology requested in Christchurch for the families of the people who were in the CTV building.