1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Jonquil Graham of Takaka nominated 'He's My Blonde Headed Stompie Wompie Real Gone Surfer Boy' by Little Pattie.

1:25 8 Months To Mars - our next passenger to Mars is former All Black, now writer and environmentalist, Anton Oliver; he's back here at the moment as the star narrator for the NZSO's production of Peter and The Wolf.

2:10 Classic Car Fan - Steve Reid
Blenheim writer, Steve Reid is such a fan of classic cars and their restoration, that's he's published a book of stories about some of our early motorised vehicles.
Veteran Cars, Amazing New Zealand Collections, by Steve Reid, is published by HarperCollins.

2.20 Shearing Champ - Te Atakura Crawford
On Friday we spoke to Kiwi shearing legend David Fagan about a competition that took place in Alexandra, in Central Otago, at the weekend - the New Zealand Merino Shearing and Woolhandling Championships, which is the country's only merino shearing competition. Well a woman has won the senior shearing section, for the first time in 28 years.
Te Atakura Crawford - who's lighter than the sheep she was shearing - beat 24 male shearers and one other woman to take out the title. 

2:30 Reading - Gerard Hindmarsh continues his memoir 'Swamp Fever', recalling  his times in the 1970's and 80's when Gerard and his wife became alternative lifestylers in Golden Bay. 

2:45 Feature Album -  1999 by Prince (1982)

3:10 Feature Author - Jesse Walker is a senior editor at Reason Magazine, who's written The United States of Paranoia  -  the history of conspiracy theories in American culture and politics. Why paranoia's so popular and why it's so dangerous.   

3:30  New Inhaler Therapy To Help Quit Smoking - Amelia Nurse - Researchers at Otago University are developing a new nicotine replacement therapy that could help many New Zealanders quit smoking. It's an inhaler that delivers the drug straight to the lungs, just like a cigarette. Amelia Nurse talks to Brent Caldwell, Senior Research Fellow at Otago University, who is currently carrying out trials.

4:06 On The Panel are Brian Edwards and Michelle Boag - we'll be analysing the Census information, talking about the failures of journalism in the Kenyan mall massacre, and asking whether the Germans owe Greece for atrocities in World War 2. We'll be asking if we need to be worried about our debt, again, and asking if Annie Lennox is right and pop music videos now are just, essentially, pornography in many cases.