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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 5 November 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Gaye Sutton of Carterton nominated 'Anthem' by Leonard Cohen

1:15 8 Months To Mars -  Prize-winning poet and fiction writer, Bill Manhire is our next passenger to Mars. 

TITLE:     Haere Mai
ARTIST:   Daphane Walker with Bill Wolfgramm's Hawaiians
COMP:    Sam Freedman, Sam Karetu
ALBUM:   Kiwi Nostalgia, Hits of the 50's  
LABEL:    BMG 139283

TITLE:      Sweet Nothin's
ARTIST:    Brenda Lee
COMP:     Ronnie Self
ALBUM:    The Collection; Brenda Lee  
LABEL:     MCA 118580

2:10 Freediver Tries Again - Kathryn Nevatt
Champion New Zealand freediver Kathryn Nevatt is trying to be calm today. She's trying to breath smoothy and get her heartbeat under control!
It's very important to her because tomorrow  morning she'll make another attempt to claim the world record for the longest swim underwater without fins - more than one hundred and sixty  metres.
That'll be six lengths of the swimming pool in Masterton without drawing a single breath. It will be her fourth attempt in recent days.

2:20 The Antarctica Song -  Julie Gaudin
'Antarctica' is.the latest offering from nine year old Christchurch songwriter Bob Gaudin.
And it's not the first song he's had released - in fact it's the third. He wrote his first song -  a one minute thirty second symphony  - when he was seven about the Christchurch earthquake.
Bob's mother, Julie Gaudin, says he's looking to write some happier tunes, and move on from the earthquake.

2:30 Reading - Lisa French Blaker reads another episode in her book, Heart of Darfur.

2:45 Feature Album - Now - Dionne Warwick (2012)
Dionne Warwick celebrates 50 years in music by updating and re-recording an album of her most treasured Bacharach and David songs.

3:12 Feature Author - Valerie Adams
The gritty and compelling story of Valerie Adams as told in her new autobiography. Our world and Olympic champion will be with us.        

3:35 Our Changing World  - It's a big task keeping an eye on our marine borders to keep out unwanted pests
Alison Ballance checks our harbours for unwanted invaders

4:06 The Panel - Garry Moore and Finlay MacDonald

We'll discuss the Pike River findings, the proposed Auckland super-brothel, the amazing statistic about the mighty British empire of yore, the flirtations of our local bodies with money mechanisms on money markets that may be getting ratepayers into schtuck, and the likely facts behind Kim Dotcom's free broadband offering.