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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 15 December 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written: Music of the Night performed by Michael Crawford

Chosen by Jim Wilkinson of Palmerston North

1:15 Link 3 - music game

Welcome to our mighty music challenge, wherein we ask you to make the link between three songs, as we transit into festive mood with ten days to go till the year's biggest event.

2:10 Feature stories

Every year about this time, children all over the world start asking some prickly questions. How does Santa get all the way around the world in one night? How can he possibily fit all those presents in one sleigh... and how do reindeer fly?For the answers to these difficult questions we can turn to science. Dr. Roger Highfield was the science editor of The Daily Telegraph for two decades. Now he's the Editor of New Scientist, a highly prestigious scientific journal.

2:30 Reading: The Other Condition

It's time to join Bruce Phillips for another of our Antarctica stories written by J.Edward Brown.

2:45 He Rourou

The Maori Anglican church in Lower Hutt recently celebrated the ordination of a new deacon, Boyd Reha.

In He Rourou today, the Tuhoe elder tells Ana Tapiata why he decided to be ordained. .

2:50 Feature Album

Our Feature Album is poached from someone's Hot list for 2010 - the second album from 20 year old British singer-songwriter, Laura Marling - "I Speak Because I Can."

3:12 Virtual World

Dr JULES OLDER joins us on IT, former Otago University psychologist, magazine editor, author, app creator, youtube videoblogger; currently living in San Francisco

3:33 Auckland story

The feature today focuses on a family that has become synonymous with West Auckland and in particular, leopard skin print…

Members of this family have been described as the wrong sort of people trying to do the right thing, when the rewards for going straight are neither immediate nor bountiful - and of course I'm talking about the fictional West family, of Outrageous Fortune fame.

There is still a chance for people to channel their inner Cheryl at the Outrageous Fortune exhibition, which opens at the Auckland Museum today.

3:47 Pre-Panel

What people are saying on Twitter and Facebook.

The two Christchurch men playing golf around the world, 365 days in a row.

4:06 The Panel with Jock Anderson and Neil Miller