6 May 2016

Brits dump Labour in regional elections

10:19 pm on 6 May 2016

Britain's Labour Party has suffered losses in regional and local elections, especially in Scotland.

Leader of Britain's Labour party Jeremy Corbyn

Leader of Britain's Labour party Jeremy Corbyn Photo: AFP

It was not clear whether the scale of the losses would increase pressure on its new, leftist leader Jeremy Corbyn.

But while Labour fared poorly in some of dozens of contests in Scotland, Wales, parts of England and Northern Ireland, it looked set to win London's mayoral election.

Former human rights lawyer Sadiq Khan was expected to become the first Muslim to take the post.

The ruling Conservatives failed to make any big gains in England and Wales, but made good headway in Scotland where partial results showed it could leap-frog Labour as the second party of the Scottish National Party.

- Reuters