20 Aug 2015

Pork industry brings home the bacon

9:32 am on 20 August 2015

The New Zealand pork industry is reaping benefits of a dairy downturn and high beef prices.

More than half the pork products on New Zealand supermarket shelves are from meat imported from countries such as the United States and Canada.

New Zealand Pork chairman Ian Carter said as a result, the price of pork produced here was often kept static to compete with the imported product.

Mr Carter said while that could be hard, the pork industry was looking good, and was seeing benefits in other ways.

"We're in a good state - some of that is riding on the back of both of those because as the beef price goes up, obviously consumers look for an alternative product that's competitive in price.

"On top of that, we're seeing a downward pressure on our grain and some of our feed components, and that's largely because the dairy industry is in a bit of spiral downhill, and so they're not buying as much grain and feed sources that we would traditionally use.

"So we've had a little win in this window.

"We never want any other farming sector to have a downturn, but there's a slight upside for our industry from the beef industry being in a good position and the dairy industry easing."

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