27 Feb 2015

Northland man given 17 years for murder

3:19 pm on 27 February 2015

A Northland man has been given a life sentence for the murder of his partner, Barbara Ann Moka.

Matiu Korewha, 44, will spend a minimum term of 17 years in jail, for killing Ms Moka in June 2013.

Her battered body was found near Omanaia marae, in Hokianga, more than two weeks after she went missing.

Korewha was found guilty of murder in a trial in December.

In sentencing, Justice Brown said Korewha had shown a high degree of brutality and callousness.

He had fractured Ms Moka's skull, nose and ribs; failed to get her help; hid her body, then told her family she had gone missing.

The court heard from distressed family members including Barbara Moka's mother, who said they had to have a closed coffin tangi because of the delay in finding the body.

Members of the public cheered when the judge delivered the 17-year minimum sentence and some swore at Korewha as he was led away.

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