22 Jul 2018

Two men found standing on car roof after flooding

12:29 pm on 22 July 2018

Two men have been rescued from a flooded river overnight.

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(file photo) Photo: 123 RF

Police say the two men, aged 27 and 29, were driving a 4x4 vehicle that got into difficulty in the Waimea River.

There had been heavy rain in the area earlier in the day.

The two men were standing on the roof of their Nissan Safari when the police found them just before midnight last night.

A swiftwater rescue team reached the pair at about 12.45am.

They were taken to hospital with the early effects of hypothermia.

The vehicle eventually sank.

The Police are warning people not to try to drive through swollen waterways and flooded rivers.

They not only put themselves in danger, but also put rescue teams at risk, police said.