29 Apr 2015

Talleys fined over death of crewman

6:01 pm on 29 April 2015

Seafood company Talleys has been ordered to pay over $80,000 in fines and reparation after a crewman on one of its tuna ships fell seven metres to his death.

Cain Adams died on the Captain MJ Souza in Nelson in May 2012 when he stepped onto a hatch on the main deck.

The hatch rotated, causing him to fall right through to the floor of the vessel's fish well.

Judge Ian Mill said in the Nelson District Court that the company either foresaw the risk but did not take practical steps in the circumstances, or ought to have foreseen the risk.

He said crew were lulled into a false sense of security from years of using the same practice without incident.

Talleys had already paid $50,000 to Mr Adams' family.