25 Dec 2014

Dye warning in bean curd products

7:19 am on 25 December 2014

It is not known how many batches of Taiwanese-made bean curd products that could contain a carcinogenic dye have been imported, the Ministry for Primary Industries says.


Photo: Andrew Lih

Yesterday the ministry warned that Te Chang Foods' braised-meat, beef, vegetarian shiitake mushroom, satay and black pepper flavoured dried bean curd all could contain the dye dimethyl yellow, which causes cancer in animals.

It said people should throw out the products and the company will be undertaking a recall.

Ministry spokesperson Gary Orr said it was not known how many affected batches made it to New Zealand shelves, nor for how long the dye was being put in the products.

"They've alerted us as soon as they've become aware of the issue but the dye could have been added to the food for quite some time prior to being detected by them."

Mr Orr said it was likely some people in New Zealand had already eaten the bean curd.