24 Dec 2014

MPI warning over some brands of tofu

6:01 pm on 24 December 2014

A Taiwanese company that has been importing bean curd containing an illegal carcinogenic dye will recall the products.


Photo: Andrew Lih

The Ministry for Primary Industries said Te Chang Foods' braised-meat, beef, vegetarian shitaake-mushroom, satay and black-pepper flavoured dried bean curd all may contain dimethyl yellow, which causes cancer in animals.

Ministry spokesperson, Gary Orr said some people had probably already eaten the bean curd, which appears to have been coming into the country for several months, to be sold at most Chinese supermarkets.

He said people should throw out the products if they had them.

Mr Orr said the ministry was working with the importers who will put recall notices out in the media and in stores.